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Mt. Ranch, California

california cavern

Trail of Lakes Tour & Trail of Lights Tour meander over nearly level, well- light passages and walkways. There are approximately 6o steps throughout this tour. Experienced, professional guides lead groups into the “Jungle Room", named for the array of crystalline "vines" covering the ceiling, many of them several feet long. Groups learn about the rich history of the cavern and the surrounding countryside, and cavern formation and geology.


Volcano, California

Black chasm cavern

Guests will view three chambers in the upper levels of this vertical cave where the most spectacular formations grow. A beautiful blue lake is located in the second chamber about 80 feet below the viewing platform. The cave is vertically oriented with 3 platforms and 5 flights of stairs. An experienced Cavern Naturalist will guide each group into the cave and explain the varied features of Black Chasm as well as the science of Speleology as it pertains to this remarkable cavern.