Trail of Lakes and Trail of Lights walking tours run daily and are 60 - 80 minutes long. The caves stay around 55 degrees inside year round. Groups allowed up to 25 people and must have a reservation for groups. over 15 people.

Mammoth Cave Expedition is around 2 - 3 hours in length. Middle Earth Cave Expedition is around 4 hours in length and open only during the dry season. Groups are allowed up to 10 people and require advanced reservations. Hardhats with lights and gloves are provided for the tour. You must be 16 or over (16 years old if accompanied by a parent or guardian).

These expedition tours typically open mid summer. Please call for expected open dates and reservation (888) 488-1960.

Discounts Offered For Military & Seniors

*Prices may change at any time 



mammoth cave expedition:


Per Person: $89.00 (8 years or older)

MIDDLE EARTH cave expedition: (Unavailable-Seasonal 2019)


Per Person: $130.00 (16 years or older)



Adults: $16.00  (Adults: 13 and up+) Children: $8.50 (under 5 Years: Free)


Adults: $18.50 (Adults: 13 and up+) Children: $10.00 (under 5 Years: Free)



Reservation are needed for Mammoth and Middle Earth Cave Expeditions and Walking Tours for groups of 15 or more. 

Reservations may be made in advance by calling the caverns at (888) 488-1960

 On the day of your reservation please make sure to arrive at least ½ hour before the start of your first tour. For example, if the first tour in your rotation schedule is due to depart at 10:20, plan to arrive no later than 9:50. If your group arrives late we will do our best to accommodate you, but please understand that as a public attraction we must keep our walk-in guests in mind as well.  If you are unable to arrive on time please call California Cavern as soon as possible so we can accommodate your group as best we can. Please note that there is little to no phone service in the areas surrounding California Cavern.  


Summertime temperatures outside the cave reach over 100 degrees and in the winter time temperatures can be at or below freezing with up to a foot of snow possible. The cave itself, however, is always 58 degrees inside. 

There are no age requirements for the tour but please be aware that infants and children may not be carried in backpacks. Front-packs are ideal for this trip and we have several loaners we can provide if necessary. Carrying children in arm is possible but not advised due to safety reasons. 

California Cavern is a very well preserved cavern, to continue this we must restrict what guests can bring into the cave. 

On the tour absolutely do NOT bring:

  • Food

  • Chewing gum

  • drinks

  • water (including bottled water or camel-back style back-packs)

The delicate chemistry and biology of the cave can be dramatically altered by any of these items. 

  • Camera attachments such as extra lenses or tripods/selfie sticks. These items can be dropped and lost in the cavern and could possibly damage the ancient crystal formations irreversibly.

  • Backpacks or large purses are not permitted. These items reduce the amount of space available on the tour and could damage the cavern by scraping against the crystal walls.

  • Pets and emotional support animals are not allowed inside the cave for any reason. Service animals with proper documentation are allowed as per California law but please be aware that leashes are a tripping hazard and any mess is the responsibility of the owner.

  • Walking sticks are not allowed because they create a tripping hazard and can damage the crystal formations. Guests can bring their walking sticks to the mouth of the cave, but not inside. There are handrails along the steps throughout the cave.

Due to the stairs necessary to travel within the cavern, Black Chasm is not wheelchair accessible