At California Cavern, we offer two cave walking tours depending on the time of year.

Summer & Fall (dry season)

Trail of Lights Tour : 60 - 80 Minutes Long

winter & spring (wet season)

Trail of Lakes Tour: 45 - 60 Minutes Long

The Trail of Lakes tour is very similar to the Trail of Lights tour with the exception of pools of water that form throughout the cavern when the water table rises. Depending on the water levels in the cave, a few rooms may not be accessible on the Trail of Lakes tour, But in trade, you enjoy the mirror effect of the water reflecting the crystalline formations along the trail.

Both cave walking tours meander over nearly level, well lighted passages and walkways. There are approximately 6o steps throughout this tour. Experienced, professional guides lead groups into the “Jungle Room”, named for the array of crystalline "vines" covering the ceiling, many of them several feet long. Groups learn about the rich history of the cavern and the surrounding countryside, and cavern formation and geology. For safety reasons, we do not allow children to be carried in backpacks on this tour. Front packs are allowed, but are not recommended. 

Black Chasm Helicites


Expedition groups explore the historic "Mammoth Cave" area and “Jungle Room" by walking, crawling, wriggling, and squirming through natural passages that connect through 8 chambers.

This extended cavern trip is perfect for those who desire something more than a walk, but less stamina is needed compared to the other adventures offered. All tight crawl ways and squeezes are optional. Participants must be at least 8 years old. Minors, under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult. Trip time is about 2-3 hours.

These tours typically open mid summer. Please call for expected open dates and reservations (888) 488-1960.


Expedition groups explore approximately 8o% of the cavern system from the east entrance to the western most exit of California. The circuit is about a mile long, so stamina is required! The first hour of the trip consists of walking, crawling and squeezing through the historic "Mammoth Cave" area. Then groups pass through the "Middle Earth" area which was discovered in 198o. Here there is mostly walking through nearly knee deep, sticky cave clay (hightop shoes are a must) and the scenery is incredibly beautiful. The remainder of the trip consists of exploring the horizontal fissures in the "Cave of the Quills" area and a quick, 7o-foot rafting trip across "Tom's Lake." The trip concludes with passages filled with "goo," more beautiful crystalline rooms, and then ascending ladders to sunshine and showers.

Participants must be at least 16 years old, and minors must be accompanied by an adult. Trip time varies depending on the number of participants and ranges from 2 1/2 to a maximum of 4 hours.

These tours typically open mid summer. Please call for expected open dates and reservations (888) 488-1960.